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The Otway Rip is a route designed to get you out and about, away from the crowds. Yes, you will lose bike-bag space, but you still have the usual bag options, they will just have less volume, and there are also some nifty cargo-carrying options, such as Aeroes Spider Rear Rack, Handlebar Cradle and accessories (see our review of this set-up, here). Some chunky gravel. The special edition 10th issue of The Bikepacking Journal is one you wont want to miss! Our core group of Route Architects is made up of passionate, skilled individuals who are largely responsible for the Bikepacking Collective Routes network or have larger routes in the works. Rough sections. One very long and satisfying descent. The size of your handlebar bag will, to an extent, be governed by what type of handlebars you run; MTB bars allow the bag to be wider, gravel/road drop bars are narrower so you have less width to utilise. As the leading creator and publisher of bikepacking routes, BIKEPACKING.com endeavors to maintain, improve, and advocate for our growing network of bikepacking routes all over the world. You need to be logged in to use these features. Become a Bikepacking Collective member to help support this effort. To help you out, Im going to briefly review six of the most common ones available on the Australian market. Easily accessible from the big smoke, it's a ripper way to spend a long summer weekend! So, where has this new activity come from, and why has it got outdoor enthusiasts so excited? What: Vast open farmlands, historic trestle bridges, quiet back laneways, Where:Yarra Valley, Yarra Ranges, Lake Eildon, central district, Great Victorian Rail Trail. If you only had a month to explore Victoria by bike, where would you go? Here are six of the best bikepacking routes in the UK that make us want to ditch our laptop, grab a bicycle and cycle into the sunset. The simple fact is that theres no one best type of bike; it will depend on the route(s) you plan on riding. Ride safely, dont drink and ride, carry a PLB or InReach, and have fun. Were expecting this will become an iconic High Country bikepacking loop. Share your submission. A massive thanks to Pepper for putting her faith in my route planning skills and blindly riding out into the wilderness on what is a very challenging part of Victoria for bikepacking. The only issue with that larger (and thus faster) wheel size is if you wish to fit fatter tyres for rougher trails. The special edition 10th issue of The Bikepacking Journal is one you wont want to miss! Getting stuck in a flood was the last thing I expected when I cycled outback South Australia. Ive been bikepacking and touring for over a decade. Prior to setting out check current local weather, conditions, and land/road closures. Camping spots abound, so you can ride till you drop, and if you're lucky, you'll see elk and moose, and maybe even the sockeye salmon that used to swarm to Redfish Lake. What:amazing temperate rainforest, good climbs, fun descents, lookouts,wildlife, giant trees, wet and dry eucalypt forest, comfy campsites with fireplaces, a feeling of total isolation and a couple of logging coupes, Where:Ballarat, Daylesford, Castlemaine, BendigoCentral Victoria. If you have a vital issue or opportunity regarding this route that pertains to one of the subjects below, please let us know: **Advocacy opportunities may include bringing awareness to a new trail project, conservation initiative, access potential, or local effort that we might help with or bring awareness to via our broad-reaching platform. Published in Ride On magazine summer 2016/17. New loop = g, A small section of our CFA track loop is a little, A few big events on the horizon means squeezing th, If you werent there, you should have been! Best suited for CX/ gravel bikes or anything that will take at least a 32mm tyre. Its easily accessed from Wangaratta or Albury train stations, less than 30 minutes drive from the Hume Highway and is home to some of Australias best gravel riding. Gravel-type bike recommended. Surface: mostly well made gravel, some chunky gravel, some sealed roads. While decommissioned rail trails still make up the majority of the terrain, dont be fooled, many of these sections are rough and are hard on gear and riders alike. There is about 3,500 metres of climbing but its mostly gradual with not a single section of hike-a-bike to be found. Sea Otter is packed. In terms of difficulty this route is a pretty easy 4 out of 10. The source for original bikepacking routes, guides, and dirt touring itineraries from off the beaten path. Cycling is a huge passion in Victorias High Country. Become a member to support this and learn more about the initiative here. Can be done on a gravel-type bike, though some may prefer a MTB. We believe travel by bicycle has the power to encourage conservation, inclusivity, and respect for all people and cultures. To facilitate these efforts, we rely on our Bikepacking Collective and the greater bikepacking community to call attention to critical issues and opportunities that are discovered while riding these routes. to support us + get The Bikepacking Journal, 2017 Grand Depart POV Video from Carl Miller. Published in Renew Magazine. Although each route is different, these are the general roles that may be expected of Route Stewards: BIKEPACKING.com is dedicated to exploration by bicycle. Rough sections. Took this route an edited it to just include the Comox to Victoria route. If you download and use one of these self-guided routes you acknowledge and accept that you are riding totally at your own risk. If the majority of your bikepacking is fire trails and singletrack, they offer a more comfortable and safer ride, due to their construction, than, say, a gravel bike. If you are already a serious hiker, you will be well used to packing light and compact so will (hopefully) have gear that can do double-duty, such as lightweight stoves, tent and clothing. Stay in Bright on night 1 and Mitta Mitta night 2, or take longer over the journey and pick your own overnight stops. I talk to the people behind some of Australia's great bike-related social enterprises. Recommended gravel-type bike with 35mm or wider tyres. There's more than 132,000 km of dirt roads and tracks in Victoria. Pack the bags and give it a crack. Trangia is the most well-known brand of this type. This is used for more lightweight gear, such as your tent, sleeping mat, and lightweight clothing. 5 New Women's Off-road Cycling Apparel Lineups. You'll even go past Victoria's tallest tree, at around 90 metres high. It's the least expensive in the range at 999. Bikepacking doesnt have to be a slog. More here. Wide tyres will help. Oh, and for those caffeine freaks out there, there are some magic mini coffee presses. The Bikepacking Journal is our biannual printed publication. 76 mi 9,081 ft Click through to rides on the maps below, Where: Grampians/GariwerdWestern Victoria, Surface: sealed, some chunky gravel and some smooth gravel, Where: Yarra Valley, Yarra Ranges, Lake Eildon, Goulburn Valley, Ruffy HighlandsCentral Victoria. Its mild climate and diverse terrain open up endless opportunities for year-round adventures. For cooking, wed recommend an all-in-one gas canister stove. Can be done on a road bike. If selected, well need a detailed guide of the route, including highlights, details, logistical info, high quality photos, and a GPX track. If coming from Albury the fastest way is to take the Wodonga exit and then the Wodonga- Beechworth Road. Traversing 426km and climbing an overall 6100m, there are quite a few uphill stretches. Surface:sealed roads, gravel roads, rail trails, some rougher sections. What:high mountains, pretty rural areas, beautiful forest, gourmet regions, What:stunning coastal scenery, surfing, beaches, seaside towns, temperate rainforest, local produce, food & wine. The Cowichan Valley 8 seeks to introduce these opportunities as a two- to three-day bikepacking route, sure to be appreciated by locals and visitors alike. This route travels in both the Nuu-chah-nulth and Kwakwaka'wakw regions, passing through several First Nation communities along the way. Surface:everything from sealed road to rocky/muddy tracks. Negatives are that you have no floor, condensation can be an issue in more humid climes, and that creepy-crawlies have free reign. The seat bag ranges in volume from 6L to 16L and is one of the mainstays of a bikepacking system. For 2021 the Great Victorian Bike Ride is going through the Grampians in western Victoria. Neither is better than the other, really. You'll receive an opt-in email before being added. Since then, jumping on your bike and heading into the great unknown has been popular, world-wide. Sometimes its just as nice to jump on a train and roll down to the beach for a swim. We have several in the works already, with many more to come. One steep rocky downhill which can be easily avoided. Rail trails, country backroads, MTB parks and alpine road ascents, they're all here! You will, however, need to bring a tubeless puncture repair kit (and know how to use it) as some holes may be too big and youll need to repair the tyre with a tyre plug or a patch, if the sidewall has been torn. Find details on the three most recent issues below, join the Bikepacking Collective to get it in the mail (anywhere in the world), or click here to find a collection of selected stories in digital format. Heres why. Click here to login, or start an account if youre not yet a member of the Bikepacking Collective. And for those looking to have a red hot crack, you just might be able to knock it over in under 48 hours. Right away, youll link up with the Vancouver Island portion of The Great Trail, also part of Vancouver Islands Galloping Goose Trail. The route, roughly following the shape of a figure-eight, starts and ends in British Columbias capital, the city of Victoria. In AD990 Archbishop Sigeric walked the 1,800km from Canterbury to . The BC Trail is arguably the best way to explore and visit the many breathtaking regions of British Columbia. British Columbia Assembly of First Nations. Since then, both 29 and 27.5 have become the sizes of choice, with 29-inch wheels the preferred of the two, owing to the larger rolling diameter and thus efficiency, at the slight expense (compared to 27.5) of nimbleness. You'll receive an opt-in email before being added. Weve curated a range of adventures to suit most riders.Bring your climbing legs and come and experience some true backroads riding in Victorias High Country. As mentioned earlier, gravel bikes come with the standard road size wheel 700C (equivalent to a 29-inch wheel) and these are great. Gravel-type bike recommended. As such, our editorial team, route creators, and Route Stewards serve as mediators for route improvements and opportunities for connectivity, conservation, and community growth around these routes. Most of the climbing is not terribly steep. For anything from an overnighter to a two-week-long trip, hydraulic brakes would be our choice. Find details on the three most recent issues below, join the Bikepacking Collective to get it in the mail (anywhere in the world), or click here to find a collection of selected stories in digital format. The routes are just suggested loops on publicly-accessible roads and tracks, and the day-to-day quality, safety, difficulty and open/closed status of any part of the routes is totally outside of Gravelmobs control. Victoria's train network is a great way to get around the state with your bike. After all, if you do run out of gears and legs you can just walk up that hill! We know; its a luxury but hey, why the hell not?! Its the ultimate just-in-case scenario. This Australian company is making versatile luggage straps that are useful on and off the bike. And yep, that includes the bike. In spite of the fact that this route, associated GPS track (GPX and maps), and all route guidelines were prepared under diligent research by the specified contributor and/or contributors, the accuracy of such and judgement of the author is not guaranteed. We inspire and inform through original bikepacking routes, stories, and coverage of the gear, news, and events that make our community thrive. The riding after lunch follows more excellent gravel roads to the southern end of the King Valley, where you can stay overnight in either Whitfield or Cheshunt. Just short enough to enjoy a few stops along the way. Surface: Sealed road, gravel, hard packed dirt, rail trail. Farmers dont have time for. This list of cheaper gear alternatives will get you rolling, without the eye-watering price tag. It features 25% more pages with extra stories, bonus art and maps, and much more Issue 09 takes readers on trips through timeone to the early days of bicyclesand offers several reminders to be grateful for supportive friends and family, and strangers we meet along the way For Issue 08, we invited several contributors to return and pick up where earlier trips and ideas left off and also feature a handful of first-timers whose perspectives weve long been eager to share Cowichan Valley Trail Closures: There have been reports that sections along the Cowichan Valley Trail are closed due to washouts caused by heavy rainfall. The Local Overnighters Project is a unified effort to map and gather overnighters all over the worldby locals who know their own backyards best. Recommended gravel/touring tyre 32mm or wider. Along the way, she's also seeking to raise $5,000 for the Trevor Project, the leading suicide prevention and . After a short backtrack along the Cowichan Valley Trail, the route heads east along the Northern edge of Shawnigan Lake. But its bloody expensive, and very difficult to repair. . As well as better braking power and modulation, they require less user input: well set-up hydraulic disc brakes will require only one finger to use. Vline. Titanium combines the best of steels forgiving ride, with the light weight of aluminium and carbon-fibre and will last nearly forever. With the chance of fast descents, long flat fast sections of trails and roads, plus the always-dreaded climbs, the correct gearing is key to a successful bikepacking adventure. We recommend you arrange a backup communication plan, bring a dedicated GPS unit (so you can get yourself back to the pub), and pack a Personal Locator Beacon in case of a true emergency. If you cop a puncture, the sealant will usually do its job and seal that small hole. Surface:95% sealed (though a bit choppy). Aluminium is light, and it is cheap, but you will cop a jarring ride and it is not as easy to repair as steel. Bikepacking gear is expensive. And by that we mean bikepacking is little about speed and most about efficiency over long distances and distances that include knee-killing ascents. What:attractive pastoral areas, fresh produce, wineries, Yarra River, forested hills, Where:Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Yarra Ranges, Length:187km OR 134km (two route options). What:quiet back roads, rural scenery, native bushland, rail trail, brewery, winery, historical buildings, waterfall, Where:Yarra Valley, Yarra Ranges, east of Melbourne, Surface:about 50/50 sealed/unsealed. For riders looking for a surprisingly challenging bikepacking race, make sure to check out the links found in additional resources at the bottom of this page. This is a classic Victoria area ride. You can be a well-seasoned backpacker and a dedicated mountain biker, and have had plenty of success putting the two together on long bikepacking trips, but planning a route can still be a little intimidating. This compensates somewhat for the smaller frame bag youd have to use and could include a hydration bladder for easy access to water, plus lightweight clothing or, again, some snacks. However, for gnarlier adventures NZs Paparoa Track and Old Ghost Road are two examples where the terrain is uneven, loose, steep and rocky, the ability of the dual-suspension MTB to deliver a comfortable and safe ride is its main party trick. You need to be logged in to use these features. Its an epic ride with superb gravel roads, tough climbs, fast descents and incredible scenery. Riding around an entire mountain range: how cool is that! The route passes through several smaller parcels of First Nation land, including Songhees, Esquimalt, Malahat (MLEXE), and Cowichan, the largest single First Nations Band in British Columbia. Starting at the Old Beechworth Gaol its downhill or flat for the first 50km of day 1, but theres a solid backroad climb up Mt Porepunkah to negotiate before you roll down into Bright for a well-deserved ale. Not only do they provide more warmth per gram than a synthetic bag, but they also pack down smaller always important when loading your bike bags! Surface:about 50/50 sealed/unsealed. For a more scenic route drive a little further along the Hume to the Chiltern exit. By Length (days) Overnighters & S24O; Weekend Routes (2-4) Week-long Routes (5-10) Odyssey Routes (11-30) "Freakouts" (31+) Local Overnighters.

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